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The native cotton is now an Ethnic-Cultural Genetic Heritage of the Nation Being the most outstanding activity that was developed in the Lambayeque region and the most important in the production of native cotton along Peru, for having shown evidence of antiquity of native cotton cultivation used by the ancient Peruvians for 5,000 years.

The ancient technique of the waist loom considered intangible heritage that remains alive in the weavers, this ancient tradition is part of their collective identity transmitted from generation to generation. 

Through textiles, the artisans conserve ancestral techniques of spinning and weaving native cotton, geometric designs and iconographic representations are related to everyday themes: mountains,  sea,  sun, moon, plants and animals that were part of of the worldview of their Sican ancestors and are part of their life today maintaining communication from the present to the paston is part of their collective entity transmitted from generation to generation. 

Despite the innovations introduced in the production of textiles, Sican women have managed their traditional knowledge as part of their cultural identity with ancestral technologies such as the use of waist looms and native cotton, which represents a marked continuity over time. since  weavers maintain the pre-Hispanic technology currently oriented to the elaboration of fabrics for domestic use such as cloths, sashes, saddlebags, blankets and lunch boxes with native cotton of different colors: white, cream, huico (light brown), green, fifo (light purple), bron and reddish brown.The manufacturing process begins in obtaining the cotton from the plant to the weaving. It has several stages with a weaving process that is a millennial pre-Hispanic art, in which “they still spin it by hand, pinning the fiber on a carob tree tripod. Drying their fingers with chalks of huacas called yapato, they weave it on waist looms, sew it with needles taken from that thorny tree called faique.

  • Our artisan Rosa Catalina tell us that due to global demand and their dreams of exporting, they also crochet and chopstick native cotton on this natural colors.

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