Shipibo-Conibo Handicraft

Ethnic Community

The Shipibo Conibo ethnic is a  group of people  distributed on the banks of the Ucayali River and  tributaries, the first ceramics found mark the beginning of the Shipibo community around 2000 B.C. 

Kené or kewé design is the most complete cultural expression and is the origin of  their cultural identity with techniques transmitted from generation to generation (from mother to daughters) where they capture their experiences about fabrics, embroidery and paintings, in their patterns they recognize the mountain jungle trails, spiritual protections, the universe, the medicinal plants of the Amazon such as ayahuasca and toé. Shipibo-Conibo works are of high quality and world famous.

The cheerful element in women’s clothing is the blouses. With intense colors and outstanding edges, they are wear all the time. Their skirts or pampanillas are of kené design. Only some use necklaces and bras made by themselves  with seed or bead materials. Shoes were never worn.

  • Our artisan Luz told us that each piece is unique, created with intuition produced with natural and ecological materials because of  deep connection with nature, with the spirituality and energy of their customs and ways of conceiving the world when experimenting with plants and ayahuasca sessions.

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