Pucara and the famous “Torito”​

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Pucará is considered the largest Ceramic Center in southern Peru and the world,  inhabitants acquired this important ability of indigenous clay-based art, from their pre-Inca ancestors. Being the most representative ceramic object of handicrafts pucará the “Torito de Pucará”, which is a grotesque characterization of the bull that represents a body widely exaggerated.

Although it began to be made in Santiago de Pupuja, it is called Torito de Pucará because it began to be commercialized in this place. The figure is the product of a long evolutionary process, dating back to the classical period of Tiahuanaco,

The symbolic representation of the bull carries with it in its iconography some geometric figures, a hole in the back and decorations of deep meaning that hides the totemic wisdom practiced by the great pre-Inca priests, the Pucara Culture  gave contributions to humanity in the field of philosophy, science, art and mysticism.

Placing two bulls together, means the fusion of positive and negative energies epresented the balance and the common goal. For this reason that  is normal to find these pairs on the roofs of houses, as a symbol of protection and happiness for families.

  • And the women weave a pedal the looms apart from their jobs in the field, they also prepare the yarns for them, the mothers being in charge of teaching this art to their girls. This si the reason why the tradition has been maintained throughout the years.

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