Delicate embroidery represent flowers, plants, animals and the peacock

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The City of Flowers is well known for handicrafts in woven straw, reed and embroidery in threads of all kinds, even gold and silver.
Hats, baskets, wallets and saddlebags stand out in the straw, as well as hand-embroidered cotton garments and toys and other wooden items, all made using artisan techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.
The art of embroidery was present in many of the pre-Hispanic cultures throughout Peru. Some of these cultures developed this technique to such an extent that today our historical legacy is made up of exquisite textile pieces where techniques such as weaving are combined. waist loom and lavish embroidery with impressive use of composition and color.

In Monsefú the delicate embroidery is distinguished where iconographies are mochicas and represent flowers, plants, animals and the peacock. The latter is the image that stands out the most, it is embroidered with open tail with the tail down
All the embroidered techniques are from the traditional Lambayeque embroidered art that was initially made for their daily life and then became part of their typical dance as the Marinera: the lady with a black dress made of satin also decorated and pleated, and is characterized by having a great flight in the skirt. The undergarment is made up of a white nightgown decorated with a fine embroidery of floral themes, on the chest two peacocks.

  • Our artisan Nelida tell us that families used to live in large farms with flowery gardens whose flowers began to be used as an iconographic input in artisan work, as well as the kettle for its color, creating an important preparation of embroidered clothing, paths or table napkins , covers, and other products related to table linen. Nowadays they also embroider women’s and girls’ blouses

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