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The Andean area of Incahuasi is recognized by its weaving women because of  to the techniques that they continue to use on  ancestral waist loom (telar de cintura), creating a historical record in their yarns.

This work is transmitted from generation to generation, those ancestral techniques  have been inherited from a very young age and we can observe it on their  textiles, iconography, the use of colors on lively way on the local clothing, use of colors and especially the description of apllied on the waist loom. All  of them are important elements of local identity; as well as, the conservation and valuation of the artisan heritage of the textile sector of Perú.

For the elaboration of the waist loom, they use a simple manual equipment and requires to have the function of weaving cloth in arrangement and order of the threads. The most outstanding feature is the Incahuasi women’s vestments that are multicolored, inspired by nature; the colors of their clothing have no greater meaning among married, single or widowed women, and similarly happen in the ponchos worn by men. The most used colors in all the garments of their clothing are: blue, red, yellow, orange, light green, purple, light blue, fuchsia.

Skirt: black, made of sheep wool, It has a waistband typical of the area. It is accompanied by a rectangular multicolour blanket or lliqlla surrounded by strips of wool of various colors and is decorated in the center with ribbons, Inca fretwork, wool, etc. Hat: The hat is made of thin palm with a tall crown, it has colored ribbons around it. Accompany this handkerchief of various colors that are placed on the head. Girdles: the girdles are multicolored typical of the area finished in wool ribbons. All the Colors inspired by the rainbow and  as the years go by, young people use the colors more vividly than in the past as a symbol of freshness.

  • Our artisan Ana Cecilia tell us that her costume consists of 1 round neck blouse, with a cut in the front, it has buttons from the neck to the height of the bust, it has a boob collected from the same fabric forming a square; bloomers sleeve finished with button cuffs. It has a wool ornament on the neck and on the cuff.

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