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Huancayo’s embroidery art dates from the colonial times to adorn the dresses of the icons and statues of the Catholic Church in which they used threads of gold, silver and precious stones, Kutuncha is the Quechua name of the indigenous dress for feminine use, initially called by Europos” koton”, this dress is used for huaylarsh dance, hand-embroidered details that can be seen on the sleeves, vests, blankets and skirts. The iconography of flowers is due to nature with lighted colors.

There are two types of embroidery: The little feather, which is a way to embroider in a sewing machine. Arranging the textile in a frame, well tempered and paralyzing the machine pedal, Talqueado or talaqueado is what they call in Huancayo the embroidery type filling that has similarity to the painting and the embroidery is handmade.

The embroideries are previously prepared on paper, drawings with motifs of flowers, doves, butterflies, hummingbirds, and they transfer them on the frame with brilliant colors saturated in their tonality, strongly contrasting or they use degrade in perfect harmony. decorating blankets, gala dresses, decorating skirts, pants, vests, cuffs and others.

The term talqueado (the Quechua substrate forces to pronounce talaqueado) comes from paste or starch that once it dry,  it acquires a whitish appearance, hardens  the reverse of the embroidery, it acquires body and stiffness giving a special texture to the garment, as usual in the gala clothing of seventeenth-century aristocrats dressed in pressed silk.

  • Our craftsman Darwin tells us that due to modernization and costs many choose for industrial embroidery, however there still are manual embroiderers using ancient techniques.

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