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The pre-Columbian Peruvian ceramics or the glazed pottery of Cusco or Qosqo Loza and the Peruvian colonial pottery, is the stylistic classification of the colonial pottery of Cusco, the work of indigenistas and folk art collectors.

Ancient technique and art of Spanish-style glazed pottery made in the city of Cusco between the 16th and 20th centuries. This practice was almost completely lost as the presence of workshops and potters carrying these ancient knowledge and secrets decreased.

Today there are 2 great representatives of this art that have applied utilitarian ceramics, such as tableware and vases.

  • Our artisan Tater tell us that families used to live in large farms with flowery gardens whose flowers began to be used as an iconographic input in artisan work, as well as the kettle for its color, creating an important preparation of embroidered clothing, paths or table napkins , covers, and other products related to table linen. Nowadays they also embroider women’s and girls’ blouses

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