Pottery and Embroidery

Women Artisans Community

Chazuta handicraft is an ancient art declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation,  is the expression of their  cultural identity where women have taken the leadership to show their works. designs as : vessels, pitchers, pots and jars combining the colors white, red and black. 

Since 60 years ago, clay pots have been used to prepare food, to serve it, to store food and to transport water from river.

The iconography, you can also find it in the embroidery of typical clothing that they wear on important occasions or festivities. 

They are inspired in  flowers or everything that is part of their daily experiences, mostly related to nature, depicting it in a detailed and complex way. You can  find interesting characteristics based on» three number»  (mom and her children) in turn made up of elements in pairs of 2 in 2 or 4 in 4 to represent the family.

  • Our artisans Mariluz and William told us that exist many iconographies that have been transmitted from generation to generation, from grandmothers to granddaughters, from mothers to daughters about their own life experiences. Is the real why each work is unique fully loaded with wisdom.

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