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Catacaos hats stand out for their finesse, quality, innovative and classic designs. Product declared cultural heritage of the nation, whose history and tradition are worthy of recognition. The hat was part of the clothing of adults and children, especially men.

The weaving with fine straw is one of the most typical activities of the Piura region. This begins with the selection of straw; the cup is assembled in four days in the fine tissue, and three in the thick; he hormado, and finally the washing. It is a 15-day journey and many hours of dedication.Toquillo  is a kind of trunkless palm whose fan-shaped leaves come out from the ground supported by long cylindrical petioles, each plant has leaves that reach 2 to 3 meters long.Initially, the weaving in straw was the work of men but over time it  lost and today Straw weaving is a women’s task. Knitting knowledge was transmitted to families only among women. Today this changed and the men are again involved with the knitting of the hat

This is ancestral tissue that has been passed down from generation, grandmothers rubbed earthworms on their hands for hours until they died. Well, earthworms made it possible to achieve a fine weave because the double hat is a good hat, while the soft hat that has no weight is not well done.

Before – In order to get a good hat, you had to wait for the moon to rise, for the moon to be growing when they are going to cut the reed or cut the mountain, so that a good hat can be worked with the secrets of the moon and only in that Hats were woven at that time.

The toquilla straw that initially presents a dark color goes through various stages before the hat is made. First it is put to dry at sun, then it is sahumated in a cellar for several hours, then is put at sun again and that is when it begins to change to the characteristic white color, later the strands that are used in the making of the hat are chosen .

Depending on the style, model, size and even cost of this garment, it takes time to make it, which can last from a week to a month and a half. Once the garment is finished, the hat is beaten with a stone or wood to shape it, it is washed and ornaments are placed depending on the taste of the client, which can be a leather band, leather with silver or other accessories.

The most requested models are the classic wide brim or known as a Peruvian step horse, the shawl, marrinera and fine designs for women, only in the case of another color, only natural dyes are used, the hat is submerged in water with the flowers or seeds that give the shades and the clothing is not damaged.


  • Our artisan Cecilia tells us that a well-made hat is resistant to water and sun – and its quality is demonstrated if you use it to collect water and drink from it and today various accessories and utilitarian products are made from straw: Wallets, purses, gift baskets, vases, market bags and more.

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