Knitting in Sheep Wool and Embroidery in High Relief

Embroiderers Community

The artisans belong to the Wari culture, which flourished between 800 and 1100 AC, they are weavers and embroiderers of traditional textiles with the art and inherited skills that date back to about 2,700 years. It is the evolution of pre-Hispanic textile art, as a result of contact with western techniques and motifs. They are hand-woven textiles, made on pedal looms mainly made of alpaca and sheep’s wool. 

Initially the looms were made with Wari iconography and for utilitarian purposes afterwards. To the Final product was introduced the hand embroidery work with decorative motifs inspired by nature, representing local flora plants, such as Now walnut (brown), molle (green), chilca (yellow), and mealybug (red). In addition to the elegant muted tones of natural tints. With embroidery techniques such as rococo, Huamanguino curl, fill point and high relief as well as another After the establishment of the colonial regime in the Peruvian Andes, embroidery experienced certain influences on the themes represented. 

The rise of the indigenous movements that emerged at the beginning of the 20th century contributed to the valorization of embroidery in Ayacucho, while the national elites, Both economically and intellectually, they began to acquire pieces made in Huamanguino workshops and to investigate their connection with a pre-Columbian past lost in time. 

  • Our artisan Norma tells us that Ayacuho was a city hit by socio-political violence and when women became the support of their families they dedicated themselves to embroidery as a work money medium and that more than 20 years ago they have introduced more vivid colors as a sign of the rebirth of a city that was destroyed and today the flowers represent joy and a new flourish.

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