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Huamanga stone is the local name given to alabaster, a mineral of white color and sometimes with shades ranging from gray or lead to sepia. It is a sediment of volcanic origin and is characterized by its easy malleability. In the beginning of the Colony (1533) the alabaster or stone of Huamanga began to be carved, similar to marble but softer and more translucent. The province of Huamanga is the place where best quarries are found.

Today declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation due to the work of the artisans based on their Knowledge, techniques and the iconography associated with the stone carving of Huamanga It is «an expression that has an important historical and artistic trajectory, is fully in force in the cultural, social and economic practices of Ayacucho society.

Huamanguino sculptors, in colonial times, carved relief pictures, delicate figures and polychrome religious groups in oil. The most frequent representations were virgins, saints, births and the descent of Christ. Towards to the end of the 18th century, the gallant themes and the Chinese lions appeared; the figures were colored transparently. Little by little, the color disappeared, limiting itself only to the hair and features of the face, and gold was used for details. The white and polished surface of the stone became increasingly important in the 19th century, a time when allegorical and profane representations stood out over religious ones.

  • Our artisan Rosa tell us that today due to new trends, alabaster is now carved for all utilitarian figures as clients request, such as vessels, ornaments, earrings, chests, etc.

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