Knitwear, hats and embroidered in Colca Valley

Artisans Community

The Colca Valley conformed by 14 towns, where Collagua and Cabana communities lives. The differences between them are on the shape of their hats; and the embroidery characteristic of clothing of inhabitants. Typical dances such as Wititi, declared in 2015 as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, boasts local clothing with impressive embroidery. Machine embroidery in the Colca Valley is an activity carried out by women and men, there is no record of the beginning of this activity in Colca being the same community who made the beautiful typical costumes for  women which is made up by several pieces, depending on the number of skirts that women wear; however, the suit is primarily made up of a blouse, vest, bodice, jacket, and hat.

The main tool of the artisans is the straight sewing machine; however, before the arrival of electricity in the valley, this work was carried out on old and rudimentary sewing machines, initially crank machines, where the seamstress had to start the machine with one hand, while with the another guided the textile. This technique is known as “maquinasqa”. In their designs they represent the flora and fauna of the Colca Valley, symbols of their worldview.

  • Our artisan Donato tell us that the activity of embroidery represents an main economic income in their homes and due to tourism in the area they make products such as bags, belts, wallets, individuals, table runners, purses, cushions, hats, laptop cases, and others.

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