We Offer You The Most Beautiful Peruvian Handicraft

My name is Evelyn Ridoutt and since 13 years ago I run a Travel Agency named PeruInka Intertravel. Handmade is my new project which was born when I decided to give a change to all the services offered by my company,dedicated now and strongly committed to provide experiences on a sustainable way creating a responsible  tourism about locals and respect for community customs.

I have had the happiness to visit many places in Peru and learned about craftsman’s hard work and in one of my trips outside Peru I realized that in terms of crafts- artisans we had everything, but something more was missing in most of peruvian people  to appreciate it.

Driven by my shopping hobby due as a traveler who always liked purchase handycrafts of each country and place that I visit, I always bought something for my personal use but not as a simple souvenier in fact my litte doughter wear beautiful dresses handmade and that was my inspiration to decide set on value the handmade peruvian crafts and artisans work whose fight day by day to keep  their pre-Hispanic techniques as Ancestral heritage maintained from generation to generation. 

 Only learning all the work behind of each piece will we  value the manual labor until to reach the point of loving our roots.

The goal will be that everyone use it with pride. Now Is my dream that the peruvian andean and native comunities do not be forgotten on this new age.

the majority of artisans in this project are empowered women and workers, who are the economic support of their homes.
I also highlight male labor and in general I can affirm that behind each handicraft, exist a great life story.

Interested to Shop our Handicraft Collection?

Thank you!  because of  you will be contributing to the artisan communities in a sustainable and responsible way.

Do you want to personalize your handicraft or are you a designer?
Just send us an email to: design@handmade-peru.com telling us about your idea, we will be very happy to write you back. Hoping that our hands can materialize your design.We will do it especially for you.